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Warthog Aviation helicopter vertical reference

helicopter vertical reference

Warthog Aviation’s Vertical Reference course combines helicopter ground school and flight exercises tailored to the individual helicopter pilots needs. After an initial evaluation, ground school sessions are conducted using PowerPoint presentations along with group discussion.

The course flying time depends on the individual pilot's external cargo background and industry experience. Some helicopter pilots who have never slung before may achieve levels of competency by 4 hours and others who have some short line slinging experience may take less time. This all depends on the individual’s determination to focus on course material and ability to draw on known skills.

This course trains a helicopter pilot not only how to use Vertical Reference in a long-line situation but also how to function safely and effectively in the Vertical Reference / Long-line business. We also cover how to survive the hazards of this competitive but rewarding work environment. An emphasis is put on safety, proper equipment selection, rigging, inspection of aircraft and sling gear, coordination of ground crew and taking command of the working environment.

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