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External Underslung Load

Many jobs involve carrying external loads, and the techniques needed to perform sling load operations require careful, advanced skill training.

This course will prepare you for the real world of long line helicopter operations.

Your external load training will begin with ground training on the basics of external load operations including the use of visual references in flight, rigging, safety, hazards, preflight for external load, techniques, and how to respond to an emergency situation. After you have become familiar with the theory behind the mission, it is time to put that knowledge to the work in the helicopter.

Most pilots are proficient in external load operations in 10 to 15 hours. You will take your cargo hook equipped helicopter to the sling load training area and begin learning the specialized maneuvers required for this type of flight environment. Using lines of different lengths, you will learn maneuvers including take offs and approaches with a load, flying the line, arrest techniques, pick ups and set downs of a load, rapid deceleration with a load and precision movements.

Once you have become proficient in safe external load operations you will receive an endorsement.

This course is also very beneficial to the high time pilot seeking an introduction to external load before taking on external loads job such as fire fighting, logging and construction.