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Electronic News Gathering

Leading agencies in television, radio, and the print media, all who wish to enhance their coverage capabilities to their customers with aerial footage and short-notice or long-reaching media events, are increasingly relying on aerial footage from helicopters to provide them the edge in today's competitive news gathering market. This can include special event coverage, or breaking news events which are not possible to be adequately relayed to the public through conventional land-based video coverage.

WARTHOG can provide training for on-site response for breaking news events in distant locations across the viewing area; acquire airborne video clips, live aerial video and audio broadcasts.

Helicopters can stay above and out of the way of emergency services, while simultaneously providing large view coverage, awareness, and documentation of critical scenes and events.

WARTHOG can train your pilots ENG (Electronic News Gathering) from altitudes as low as 200 ft. and speeds of 30 knots all the way down to stationary hovering.