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an affordable home built by JAM Industries

Are YOU preparing to buy or sell a home? Being prepared properly breeds confidence in your decision. Having knowledge about the property can place YOU in a strong negotiating position, whether buying or selling.


Hello, I am Jeff Mundell and I want to take a moment to introduce myself.

In the 35 years I have been working on homes I have been on the roof or in the crawlspace of too many homes to count. I have inspected, evaluated and repaired many of the problems I will be looking for. With my experience and expertise in home building and renovation J.A.M. Industries is a strong ally. damaged bathroom damaged floor

This is an actual job I completed after a homeowner bought this home. It started with a couple broken and loose tiles by the toilet. The sad fact is the home inspector did not note the moisture levels and loose toilet in his report.
finished bathroom finished floor