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Impressions -- 12 Step Recovery Gifts for Less

Tri–plate Yearly Medallions – page 1

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The anniversary tri-plates below are translucent painted and acrylic coated. They cost $15 each.

Royal Triplate

1 to 55 years

Purple Triplate

Purple and Gold
1 to 45 years

Green Triplate

Green and Gold
1 to 45 years

Cream tri-plate

Cream and Gold
1 to 25 years

Midnight Blue Triplate

1 to 35 years

Harley triplate

1 to 35 years

Pink triplate

Brilliant Pink
1 to 45 years

Black and White triplate

Black and White
1 to 35 years

amethyst triplate

1 to 35 years

Sea Breeze triplate

Sea Breeze
1 to 35 years

White and Gold triplate

White and Gold
1 to 26 years

Yellow and gold triplate

Yellow and Gold
1 to 25 years

Hawkeye triplate

1 to 20 years


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page 2    Other Tri-plate AA Medallions