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AA and Al-Anon Medallion Holders


Leather Key Ring Medallion Holders
These durable two-sided medallion holders cost $8.95. You can choose silver–finished or gold–finished clasp.

two-sided key fob

two-sided key fob
silver–finished or gold–finished clasp


These bezels are gold and silver finished
and come with chains.

silver bezel

silver-finished -- $10.00

gold bezel

gold-finished -- $10.00


These quality medallion holders do not come with chains.
Chains can be found at AA Chains.

bronze medallion holder

brass -- $10.00

      silver medallion holder

silver -- $40.00


These bezel key fobs make great medallion holders

Bezel Key Fobs

Silver or gold finish Key Bezel -- $4.50


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