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Web Consulting

If your Web Site isn’t up and running yet, you’ll probably find our free phone consultation helpful. Let us know what your product or service is or does, how you are currently marketing it, the direction you want it to go, and how you would like the Internet to display and promote it.

This information will help us understand your Web Site needs more accurately and will enable us to determine the most useful design to help optimize the display and function of your Web Site. This will also help us provide you with an estimate of the cost to build your Web Site.

If you decide to use our services for your project, we'll ask you to deliver all materials needed to build the Web Site to us. Any additional material that we requested during the consultation should also be included. Once we have these materials we will review them and will ask questions. Then I will be able to give you a more accurate estimate for work to be done.

If you already have a Web Site, but it isn’t displaying or performing as well as you think it should, I’ll give it a cursory look and make general recommendations to you free of charge, on one occasion.

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