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My business, Bruce Dunnís Web Design Services, is located in Grants Pass, Oregon. Iíve been designing Web Sites since 2006. I stay informed of and use new developments and validate sites I create through W3C, the World Wide Web. You can contact me by e-mail, brucedunnweb@gmail.com or call me at the phone number above.

Why a Website?

Advertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a Web Site. Let people know about you, your business or an organization. Most people first look for businesses, churches, organizations and public information on the Web.

Internet advertising can be the least expensive and the most useful advertising for you.

Design Your Own Website?

You can design your site and get it hosted for only $5 a month on a build-your-own-website business. This, however, does nothing for search engine optimization (SEO), which boosts your ranking on search engines, which means an internet user might never find your site. An expericenced designer can improve your SEO, or you could hire an SEO company for that. I provide SEO for free on sites I create. SEO businesses are numerous and are filled with promises and mystery. Each of them claim to know the correct alogarithms and special tricks to code into your site to make it rank very high on all the search engines. Their prices and charges are ridiculous. And if you make changes to your site, you often need to re-hire them because of these changes.

Free SEO

Your site needs to be easily found in search engines. This is why I offer free SEO (search engine optimization) for the sites I build.

Free Consultation

If wish to consult with me about possible changes or updates to your site, call me or e-mail me. I offer free consultation.

Free Updates

For the most part, changes to your site are free. I code, using cascading style sheets, as well as external style sheets, therefore updates are quick and easy. Most updates are free. If they are extensive, taking more than an hour work time there will be a minimal charge.

Web Hosting Costs

In addition to Web Design costs, to have a site on the internet, requires Web Hosting costs. Web Hosting is paying a server to store your site. Most Web Design companies charge from $220 to $300 a year to host a Web Site. I charge $120 a year ($10 a month).

Domain Name Registration

Another yearly charge is domain name registration. A domain name is the name the internet uses to find your site. Domain name registration costs $15 a year through me.

I design sites(up to 10 pages) for $180. So, if I design a site for you and host it for a year it would cost $300. With a domain name I registered for you, $315. After the first year it would cost $120 each year for hosting fees, plus $15 for domain name registration.