Therapeutic Massage Sessions

Swedish Massage
This is a basic massage that follows the muscle fibers and helps to elongate and relax muscle tension and spasms. Our massage is quite firm in order to aid in the release of toxins and lactic acid.

Sports Massage -- known as Deep Tissue Massage
The therapist uses some of the swedish strokes and then adds cross fiber work, pressure point, accu-pressure and friction.
  • ½ hour Sports Massage                               $55
  • 1 hour Sports Massage                                $85
  • 1½ hour Sports Massage                             $120
Pre-Natal Massage
This massage is a treat for any pregnant woman. Relax and let us handle your pregnancy tensions! Our use of special massage pillows helps to reduce swelling, neck and back pains and alleviates stress on weight bearing joints. During this time of many changes, it is important to pamper yourself.  
(2nd and 3rd Trimesters Only)

  • ½ hour Pre-Natal Massage                           $55
  • 1 hour Pre-Natal Massage (full body)           $80
  • 1 hour -- $100
  • 1½ hour -- $145

Gift Certificates Available for All Services

A deposit is required on services over $100

Cancellation is required 24 hours in advance

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