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My business, Bruce Dunn’s Web Design Services, is located in Grants Pass, Oregon. I’ve been designing Web Sites since 2006. I stay informed of and use new developments and validate the sites I create through W3C, the World Wide Web. You can contact me by e-mail, or call me at 541-226-3320.

My Work

Some of my Web Sites.

Site Design

Bruce Dunn’s Web Design Services builds quality Web Sites and designs each Web Page to promote each client’s product or service in as cost effective manner as possible with free search engine optimization. I build Web Sites that look attractive, load quickly and display well on most monitors, regardless of the screen resolutions or display resolutions or colors the user has enabled.

After our initial consultation with you to determine functional requirements and what you wish your Web Site to look like, I review the "site construction" material you've supplied and rough out a blueprint of sorts for your approval. Once I get the OK to move forward, I build the Web Site Template adding in elements for future function, then submit this to you for approval.


Bruce Dunn’s Web Design Services as part of it's quality service provides free search engine optimization. Other designers charge for this. The sites we code include free search engine optimization (SE0), as there’s not much sense in having a Web Site that can’t be found.

Web Site Template

Your "template" becomes the foundation for your Web Site and must be consistent in look, feel, and navigation. As all this is very important to your customers, it is important to make sure the template is accurate and displays the look you would like your customers to see.

After your approval, and when payment is made, I upload your Web Site to my server so your site can then be accessed by the public.

Changes to Site Template

Changes to your site template are usually simple, as Bruce Dunn’s Web Design Services uses Cascading Style Sheets to code your site’s appearance. Therefore, such changes are usually free.

Changes to Web Pages

Changes to individual pages are generally free also. You will only be charged if the changes are very time-consuming and you’re informed of such charges. If you have questions about charges see Rates

Web Hosting

After I design your Web Site, I'll need to display it on the Internet. To display it requires me to load it onto my server. Because this costs money, I have to charge hosting fees.

Most Web Design companies charge from $220 to $300 a year just to host a Web Site.

Bruce Dunn’s Web Design Services charges only $12 per month or $10.00 per month if paid in advance for twelve (12) months: $120, a $24 savings.





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